The Williams Hope Project                                                    

About Us

Since 2002, The Williams Hope Project has been trying to engage in a program to help young single mothers by improving the quality of life for these constituents and assist them in obtaining the skills necessary for independent lives. With the help of the community and other foundations, this dream can become a reality.

The Young Mothers Residential Program

The Young Mothers Residential Program (YMRP) will offer one year renewable contracts for young single mothers and their children.  The YMRP will provide free housing while young mothers work part-time, pursue educational goals and participate in weekly formal programming, including individual and group counseling, job/life skills training, and parenting programs.  The goal of the YMRP is to assist single mothers and their children in achieving independent, self-sufficient lives through residency in a positive emotional, physical, economic and social community.


Young mothers wishing to apply must be between the ages of 17-25, be single, have a high school diploma, GED (or actively seeking), and be willing to further their education by attending an institution of higher education.  Applicants must also be willing to honor all YMRP scheduled program committments. 

Those wishing to apply for residency in the Young Mothers Residential Program (YMRP) are encouraged to call (214) 460-8675  to obtain an application.  After the application is completed, if chosen, an appointment will be setup for an interview with the applicant and family.  Following the interview, we will contact the applicant with a decision on their acceptance. Standards and guidelines will be available at that time.