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The Williams Hope Project offers single mothers educational programs and training to help them get better paying jobs.  Parenting programs will be offered to enable them to better care for themselves and their children.  We are striving to improve the quality of life for young single mothers.  We will help them with college transition by providing personal, sensitive support in the form of housing, peer advice and mentoring.  Together with the community, we can transform the lives of these constituents.

 Information Services - The Williams Hope Project will provide an ongoing series of programs which are interactive, experiential and cognitive.  Thus the project will provide residential and self-improvement services that will be educationally beneficial to the young single mothers. These workshops on skill training will keep constituents informed and current. Training and support by the project will require that we shift our priorities so that the program can become more comprehensive in its scope and reach out to a target area that is desperately in need of this type of program.

Request for More Information - For more information regarding standards and guidelines for this program, you may use the contact information below.

Marilyn Williams, M.Ed.,M.S. - Founder/Executive Director
  • Office - (214) 460-8675
  • Fax - (214-220-1870

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